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This is a place to learn about travel, life, and get inspired to live a purposeful life. Welcome and get ready to learn about adventure, travel, and how to experience them and live life with purpose! Destiny’s Destinations is here to serve you, give you tips on traveling around the world or in your backyard. Now, start getting your travel bucket list complete and I’ll give you tips on what to do when you get there!

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Chicago Takes My Heart, Things to do in Chicago

Chicago Takes My Heart, Things to do in Chicago

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Hello! My name is Destiny and I started a journey across the world checking off one bucket list item at a time. I got pretty good at this traveling thing so I decided to share with you! Early on, I got the traveling bug and have been experiencing new cultures since I was a little girl. Now, I travel whenever I can and have a different adventure every time. Sometimes I'll be traveling in luxury, then other will be traveling in unique adventurous ways. I'll give you the low down on my experiences, thoughts, things learned, places to do, and inspiration to all you jet setters out there. Happy reading! ~Destiny xoxo