Who I Am

Hi! My name is Destiny and I’m an aspiring travel enthusiast, who has always dreamed big and never gives up on my passions I dedicated my life to traveling and I’ve been in love with it since 1992. My fellow travel mentors took me backpacking across the Sinagua Indian grounds of Casa Grande in Central Arizona at the age of 6 months. It was in their blood and now in mine at a young age. I’m a travel lover from birth, has walked all over the world and still carries the notion that there is still so much more to explore. She grew up in Kansas City, Missouri with her travel mentors (a.k.a. her parents) and had wonderful journeys with them. She not only loves globetrotting but has many other talents to offer in art, music, film and design and most recently a Social Media junkie. She toured Europe for a summer with an Orchestra as the 1st violinist for the Kansas City Music Ambassadors and had the time of her life being able to bring two passions together – travel and music. Living in New York City after graduation and exploring the wonders it had to offer while working as a Floor Director for a small TV studio then moving on to being a content specialist in Hartford, Connecticut she is now back to her roots. Living in her hometown of Kansas City she is a writer, videographer, and marketing specialist who is addicted to coffee and enjoy the Midwest life while still going on many adventures and much more to come. Follow me!